Young Explorer (For 8-10 Yrs.)


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The Program

For a moment, think about your children today. Then think about them 20 years from now. What skills, attributes and qualities do you want them to have? Before reading on, make a list yourself. Invariably the list will have words like: knowledge, respect, health, self-responsibility, love, confidence, commitment, honesty, discernment and compassion. This list can be broadly divided into three categories: academic skills, self awareness skills and emotional/social skills.
What are we doing today to help our young minds achieve this? Is our current education system is enough?
It is difficult for education institutes and coaching classes to answer these questions, as they are focused on nuts and bolts of academic skills and on the results (percentage %) expected of the students so that they eventually clear graduation. Most of the times it is assumed that the children will eventually learn these vital skills (self awareness skills and emotional/social skills) and there is no specific need for formal education. So where does one start to nurture these skills? iXplorei has an answer.
The core team at iXplorei consists of professionals having 15 to 20 years of experience in corporate. All the team members are certified in Experiential Education Practices. While designing this awareness program “Young Explorers”, we have studied & referred to different systems and initiatives in the field of education. We have also referred to the work by national and international experts in education & psychology.

Objectives of the program:

Basic Learning Skills

  • Posing Questions, Convergent & divergent thinking
  • Experimenting, Creative thinking & mindfulness

Self Awareness

  • Self concept, Self esteem, empathy
  • Knowing and handling self emotions

Values in Social skills

  • Working in groups
  • Accepting & respecting diversity
  • Caring, Empathy to others & Tolerance
  • Communication (Listening to others and sharing self perspectives)

The program is designed on the experiential learning methodology. The participants will be engaged in meaningful experiences having clear learning agenda. The initial sessions consists of cooperative games and fun games to break the ice, form a bond, make new friends and shared objective of the program.

They will work in groups of 4/5 on different tasks, participate in science, music, oceanography and Bhuleshwar temple field trip session and will practice skills like experimenting, posing questions, working in group, social and emotional skills, creative thinking etc.  They will participate in role plays, storytelling theater activities and guided reflection to understand about self and others. They will be taught few techniques for handling strong emotions and mindfulness to increase focus

A “Know Yourself” booklet will be provided to each participant. A planned time will be provided to write in this journal They will participate in community work.


The program is for children from 4th to 6th grade.

Venue & Schedule

The program has content of 30 hours, spread over, 15 sessions of 2 hrs. each. (Can be scheduled as per the slot availability in school time table.)

Venue– School premises

Program facilitators
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