The credit for this trip goes to iXplorei.Thanks Nilesh and Archana for being such fantastic organizers and trek leaders. Also, Neeraj, Jayashree and Jayant, the folks who tirelessly carried their DSLR cameras and immortalized the magic of those days for the rest of us, big thanks! Have taken the liberty of using some of those pictures here. The blog header picture and other brilliant  mountain shots is courtesy Neeraj Joshi.
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By: Somya Deshpande (communications professional and an outdoor newbie with iXplorei)

iXplorei Memories stored here.

What an amazing trip!

Archana & Nilesh,
Thanks for sharing the details of the journey and also sending us SMS each night.

After reading your sms about the first day’s activities in Manali..I said to Ninad (Shreya’s dad)..”We made the right decision in sending Shreya for this trip!” :). Although, Shreya has been to camps for the last 3-4 years but they were either day camps or maximum for 3 days. This was her first long distance trip away from us for 9 days and as you can understand we were a bit apprehensive. We knew Shreya was in safe hands as we have known Archana for last 17+ years. But our parental fear was laid to rest after reading your first sms..:)

Shreya enjoyed all the adventurous activities & visit to various places. Snow biking, skiing, sledge ride, zorbing, yak ride, paragliding, water rafting, trek..all in one trip! Like Ninad said even we haven’t yet done all of these in our life time..:) Shreya is all set for next year’s trip with you guys..And my younger one will join IXplorei trips in couple of years..:)

I also liked the way you discussed and reflected upon the thoughts and feeling of the kids. We really appreciate your efforts in organizing this memorable trip and making the kids comfortable in the group. We wish IXplorei good luck and success in all its future endeavors. Its goes without saying that you now have an ambassador spreading word about IXplorei among friends, relatives, at school, and in the colony..:)

By: Jayashree Thakur (Shreya’s Parent)
Enjoy iXplorei Memories of Manali Camp: Click here

Really enjoyed a lot!

Dear Nilesh Sir / Archana madam,
Thanks for the detailed account of the Camp.
The kid really enjoyed a lot and Rashi is very happy about the camp. She will definitely be there next time as well. Kids got exposure to various adventures of travel as well as activities like paragliding, zorbing and rafting. It is really exciting.
We would like to know what the kids wrote in the journal during the camp and have your analysis on the same.
We really appreciate your efforts in taking care of the kids and also making the camp memorable to them. Thank you for the same.

By: Sheetal Kangale (Rashi’s Parent)

iXplorei for my son is Archana Maushi and Nilesh Kaka!

Chinmay got connected with the Gifted Sessions conducted by with Archana and Nilesh, totally in awe with both of them. He has been with them to different camps, sessions like R.I.S.E.
I always feel the efforts they have put into my son are not measurable, but over the years I have seen so many positive changes in him..proving Archana Maushis’and Nilesh Kakas’ methodology correct. Thanks for being their for Chinmay!

The epic was with my son who was used to a 3-4 day camp…had already made up his mind for a 10 day camp to North East with iXplorei, the truth is I was not ready (mother fears ;)) …but better truth was he was ready and prepared. And that became was the most memorable journey. He enjoyed every bit if it.

This year he is all excited for his first Himalayan trek with iXplorei.

By:  Gauri Karlekar (Chinmay’s Parent)

The mountains make you fall. Fall in trek-love.

The mountains make you fall. Fall in trek-love. Once smitten, you can never get enough of the outdoors. I was itching to head out again, but a weekend was the most I could steal from my work and life. So when an overnight trek to Harishchandragad came my way, I signed up.

Being the only trekker from Mumbai, I was to join the rest of my iXplorei group, an experiential learning and outdoor activities based outfit from Pune…..more

By: Somya Deshpande (communications professional and an outdoor newbie with iXplorei)

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