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Our Story

Our Story

A couple of years ago, we were typical IT people working for years in secure & well paying corporate sector. As working parents and observing the changing values and lifestyle around us, we had many questions in our mind.

  • Although we enrolled our kids in the best schools for education, are they really ‘learning’?
  • Do they understand the ‘concepts’ while rote learning?
  • Is their play, fun & study time being replaced with all kinds of fancy tech gadgets, TV cartoons, serials, and movies?
  • Is engaging them in lots of hobby classes, sports coaching and study classes, the solution to this digital distraction?
  • Are the values instilled in them via media and the changing ethos of our society really fostering their development as a confident, independent human being?

All these daunting questions led us to ask ourselves:

  • Are we providing our kids a healthy, holistic atmosphere to nourish their true potential?

We observed that children are getting tech savvy by the day but the same kids find it challenging when it comes to effective communication with friends and building relationships with their peers.

They lack the real life skills of working as teams, resolving issues and making decisions while having a good grip over stress management and emotional intelligence. These soft skills are so crucial in this era!

The definition of success & happiness varies from person to person. In the real world it doesn’t suffice to hold a list of academic credentials. In fact, real life experiences, self-confidence, self belief equip you to conquer challenges and take decisions confidently.

A person who can manage stress and emotions is able to build strong connections. A person who thinks positively and creatively is able to solve problems in personal as well as professional life. All these soft skills may ultimately be more important to set you up for success in life.

In essence, to be happy and successful, the development of skills has to be holistic… intellectual, social & emotional.

  • Can we nurture the skills rather than assuming that all of this will happen automatically?
  • Can we mold young minds into responsible adults when their attitude & behavior are still flexible?
  • Can we work on providing a conducive learning environment to the kids?
  • Although we have a good family system and education system, there are certain limitations to them. Can we intertwine these systems and involve parents as well as teachers in this process?

The answer is…Yes!

With this thought process to provide an enriching platform to all children, we left our comfortable cocoons & founded the organization ‘iXplorei’….

Mission of iXplorei

iXplorei aims to provide participants diverse and meaningful experiences in a safe & yet challenging environment that encourages self – exploration, self – motivation and learning.

Guiding Principles

All our programs, may it be for children or adults are based on two strong pillars viz. Experiential Learning & Compassionate Communication.

We at iXplorei assist the participants to develop self awareness of strengths, challenges, behavioral & emotional patterns that nurture life skills and help lead a meaningful life thereby enabling socially responsible global citizens.

Our methodology focus on two pillars, namely:

Experiential Learning 

Experiential learning revolves around two aspects:

  1. Creating an experience for the learner and
  2. Facilitating the reflection on that experience.

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Compassionate Communication (Ref: www.cnvc.com)

We can learn to clarify what we are observing, what emotions we are feeling, what values we want to live by, and what we want to ask of ourselves and others. We will no longer need to use the language of blame, judgment or domination. This can lead to identifying reasons of stress while in conflict and ways to effectively deal with it.

It works! Wondering how? Read More…