R.I.S.E (For 12-15 Yrs.)

RISE (Realize, Investigate, Synthesize & Excel)

RISE a program by iXplorei for 7th- 10th grade students aiming for personal excellence.

The Program

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The early teen’s period is very exciting at the same time very challenging. Youngsters undergo lots of physical and emotional changes. The process of establishing ones’ identity in this big society begins in this period.

At this age they have a brain which can absorb and think on abstract concepts, opinions on everything happening around them, rebellious attitude, fuzzy ideas about their own future, a curiosity to know more about taboo subjects, high adrenaline sometimes resulting in taking on un-called for challenges. At the same time, they have very important asset which is an unfathomable source of energy to try new things.

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.”

The core team at iXplorei believes that this is a crucial and formative age in one’s life. One can lay a foundation for a meaningful life ahead. Program “RISE” is about providing that space to these young minds, where, with the help of each other and facilitator[s] they will discover more about themselves, their strengths & styles, group interactions and intrapersonal interactions through exciting games and activities. It’s a strong base for journey towards personal excellence.

Program Focus




The program is designed on the experiential learning methodology. The participants will be engaged in meaningful and memorable experiences having clear learning agenda. Experiencing, reflecting, hypothesizing, conceptualization and experimenting, rather than lectures are the main ingredients of this process of learning.

The initial sessions consists of cooperative games and challenging group games to break the ice, form a bond, build trust and develop shared objective of the program.

They will work in group of 4/5 on different group tasks & participate in projects. They will do selfSWOT analysis, Learning style inventory, conflict management, perspective sharing and will enhance self awareness, understand interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions, recognize feelings and diagnose needs etc.

A journal writing and presentation opportunity will be created for participants to solidify their understanding.

Possible Benefits of the Program

  • Clarity in priorities, strengths & areas for improvement
  • Increased self confidence
  • Ability to deal effectively in conflicting situations
  • Improved relations with friends, parents and others
  • Result oriented study planning technique
  • Action plan to work on stress & other behavioural challenges



The program is for children from 7th to 10th grade from any school

Program schedule

The program has content of 30 hours, spread over, 15 sessions of 2 hrs. each. (Can be scheduled as per the slot availability in school time table.)

Venue – School premises

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