Experiential Learning

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Experiential learning methodology has two major aspects:

1. Creating an experience for the learner
2. Facilitating the reflection on that experience

The process is a cycle of “action and reflection”, ongoing and ever building, every reflection works as foundation for new action. The process is student based rather than teacher based.


Games and activities are inherent part of this methodology. The participants are invited to undertake group games and activities to apply their knowledge and skills or “head, heart and hand”. After the activity the facilitators processes the experience and encourage the participants to reflect upon what happened, why did it happen by asking questions or through group discussion. The discussion attempt is to help the group (to understand) what happened at group level, intrapersonal level and interpersonal level.
It can encourage participants to think on their own behaviour, coping mechanisms etc. Then, this understanding is used to create learning moments by transferring the experience and reflections to the real world. New models, concepts are introduced at this stage which the participants can use in their real world.